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Open office and member orientation

Do you wish to get more familiar with MyData?

In this informative brief meeting, MyData Global's staff will introduce the current activities, review the various benefits we offer and answer any questions you have.

Attend our member orientation session for a roadmap to the “what, why, and how” of MyData Global!

Open also for non-members: Thursday, 24 March
1 pm UTC / 2 pm CET


What is included?

One hour Zoom event - The agenda is planned as follows and you are welcome to join at any time!

  1. Introduction: MyData Global's leadership team, hubs, thematic groups
  2. What projects are going on currently? What's coming up? What is bubbling under?
  3. MyData 2022 Conference
  4. What can members do?
  5. Possibility to showcase your own work and connect with other members
  6. Give us some 'Call To Actions' to share

Note: This live session is intended to be an interactive real-time experience and will not be recorded. There will be additional sessions this year if you can’t make this one.


Teemu Ropponen

General Manager

Anna "Ansku" Tuomainen

Community & Culture Lead